These graphics are free to use for your own personal use only. I.e. as wallpaper for your computer desktop. Bulk of the images are in 1024x768 or 800x600, although there are some odd sizes; smaller and larger sizes of some 1024s can be found here.

DO NOT do ANY of the following:
1. Include in an archive, online or off.
2. Displayed on a webpage without credit. I'm easily reachable, and include a link to your webpage.
3. Direct link - don't know that that is? Check out this page.

If you see them displayed somewhere without credit or link to me, please let me know. Feel free to link directly to this page.

Each will open in a new window. To save them, click on the picture, right click and choose whatever Save As option there is. For them to show up on the menu for wallpapers on your control panel, they need to be placed in the C:\Windows folder on most PCs, and then you'll need to browse for them since they are in .jpg format.

No copyright infringement intended; no profit is made from these images; original copyright belongs to the studios, et al. I only claim artistic credit.

Sapphire Designs